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Here at Solaris Publishing, we provide high-quality digital information products in a number of different markets and niches. All sales get processed through Clickbank.com. This means that our affiliates receive their commissions instantly and automatically.

With over ten years of experience in internet marketing, we work hard to make sure every offer of ours is optimized to make our affiliates as much money as possible. We also take pride in the quality of our products, and always strive to “over deliver” in terms of content and value. (This translates into low refunds.)

Our offers typically pay 75% commissions to our affiliates on the front end, and a generous percentage of the money generated by our upsells and continuity programs.

On the left side (or below, if you’re viewing this on your phone), you will see links for our various products for men and women. Find the product that you’d like to promote, click on it, and we’ll provide you with your affiliate links, as well as email swipes, banners, and other resources.

If you don’t have a Clickbank account yet, sign up here to start promoting our products and getting paid.

Also, we’re always interested in possible cross-promotions and working with new partners, so if you have a product you’d like us to promote, contact us so we can discuss setting something up.

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